About Us

In 2004 I started my chat group on the internet and featured a story writing competition for anyone
who wanted to enter. I was so impressed with and proud of my collector’s stories that I
thought of having books done for 2007 to go with my dolls. Charlene and I decided that each doll
should feature in her own book. We spent endless hours developing the pictures that would
work with the stories. It was one of the most fun and entertaining projects ever.
There will be 6 books in the series, definitely a collectible. They will be sold with the dolls.

The first 3 books written are:
- “Princess Berdina and her Magic tears,” written by Jill Jackson
- “In Mamma’s Footsteps,” written by Deb Troehler
- “Lalie and Zibi’s Adventures,” written by Zita Rivera.

There will be 3 more books to go with Xhosi, my 6” Baba Susi and Baba Boeti.

You can call Magic to your life by using magic words like BELIEVE, COURAGE, KINDNESS, FAITH, and PATIENCE, just to name
a few. Through the stories in the books, these words and messages will fill your life and make it more magical.

The Magic of Dolls was also inspired by reading my collector’s experiences about what my dolls mean to them in their everyday lives.
Some use them for courage; some to forget about the sadness in their lives; some just play with them; some never had children of their
own and the dolls fill that emptiness in their lives. These are just a few of the many things.

I designed an Asian doll for the first time. The African American dolls, Asian doll and Caucasian dolls for 2007 represent a big part of
the world. Magic can happen if all the people in the world can come together in peace and harmony. Being from South Africa, I wanted
to create that cosmopolitan world in my dolls. My dolls bring many different cultures of collectors together. Every Doll Show is a
HAPPENING for me. I LOVE to see “The Mothers” of my Little Girls. They are the inspiration for this year’s series,
The Magic of Dolls.” I really want to thank them for the “ MAGIC ” they create in my life, last but not the least, my family who
BELIEVES in me and my dolls. With their LOVE and SUPPORT life can only be MAGIC.