Dollsville exclusive
Limited to ONLY 10 pieces!
Our 12 3/4" tall, resin ball-jointed doll Cherrice
comes complete with her own display- base
(Yes, you can take her off the base!)
Her companion Teddy Bear is Mohair, created by
renowned artist, Elke Block, with a great deal of
personality, and he tones in so beautifully with
Cherrice's hair. Berdine put the same fine ribbon on
the bear and also on the one side of Cherrice's hair.

Cherrice and Friend are expected to arrive late
Spring, so we will have even more photos very soon.

Please feel free to email Elfie
or call the Store:
Mon-Sat 9am-5pm PST to be placed on the notification
list for when we have a price and ship date.